Pre-Professional Mentorship Program

$15 intro class 

SoCal Arts Mentorship Program is specifically designed to guide our students through each level on the way towards becoming professional dancers.

Through the rigorous curriculum the students will build the confidence to achieve a better understanding of their own artistic strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, SoCal Arts provides a safe environment where students and parents can have an open communication with their coaches, teachers, and directors. Therefore, building a lifelong bond that carries them through their career and life.






Following the program students will attain a competitive mindset, better understanding of the auditioning process and its expectations, greater ethical standard, teamwork skills, and knowledge on how to create long-lasting relationships. The well-rounded SoCal Arts Mentorship Program is a unique and innovative way to work within the craft, to ensure our dancers are fully equipped for the life after training.

"My daughter told me today she wanted to sit and write notes that Ms. Laura gave her so she could review. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and love of ballet with her."

                                                                                     - Debbie B.

SoCal Arts Mentorship Program also features:

- One-on-one meetings with SCA directors twice a year.

- Enhanced dance curriculum.

- Opportunities to see professional performances.

- Networking with directors of other schools and companies to build relationships for future training and company work.

- Exposure to master classes.

And much more.


$15 intro class